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new age was the frist annual new age professional wrestling pay-per-view produced by the RWF. It took place on January 17, 2012 at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario. The event was the frist new age to take place in the Toronto metropolitan area .[3] new age weekend also include RWF test drive at the Canadian National Exhibition's Automotive Building.[4]

The main event was between gole and titan for the RWF Championship, which gole won after a blood shot. The main matches on the undercard featured andord versus Havoc in a match dubbed "Icon vs. Icon", snake versus black, and jesse abbott versus red x in a No Disqualification match.

edit Background

[1][2]Chris Jericho, the defending Undisputed Champion coming into WrestleMania.The main feud leading into WrestleMania X8 involved Titan against the Champion gole . At the end of the year, gole defeated havoc to retain the Championship on the same event where titan earned his opportunity to compete for the Championship at new age by winning a match, vs King. The following night on chamber, titan interrupted gole and warned to prove him that he's worthy enough to be in the main event.[6] Meanwhile, some hostility between Titan and his wife jesseica was starting to show, with the face Titan tired of jesseica's heel characteristics.[6][7] In order to recover their relationship,jesseica suggested on chamber that the two should renew their wedding vows on the following week. At first Titan refused, but jesseica revealed that she was pregnant, making him change his mind.[8] To further prove it, the two met a doctor on the next episode of pit ! with ultrasound images.[9] On the dec 11 episode of chamber just before the wedding, titan was met with a phone call by his mother-in-law, who had sent him a video tape revealing that the doctor was in fact an actor and that titan was not pregnant. At the wedding, titan turned on jessecia and attacked her along with her father, announcing that their marriage was now over.[10] .[9] ] The following night on chamber, RWF co-owner jesse granted tirtan a rematch with jessecia barred from the ring, enabling him to regain his title shot at gole.[13] On the dec 21 episode of pit !, gole met with jesseica and put their differences in the past, ending with jesseica accepting gole's proposal to be his new business partner.[14] To further the feud, gole later speculated that he ended the marriage by causing Triple H's quadriceps muscle to (legitimately) tear during their RWF Tag Team titles match on the May 21, 2011 edition of chamber, thus diverting titan attention to his wife.[15] In the divorce settlement for the two, it was announced that the assets would be split between them "fifty-fifty" to jessedcai's disgust. Among the assets were titan first wrestling robe, jessecai's Corve[16] Wanting retribution, titan stormed into the arena and tried to attack jessecia but was met with two sledgehammer shots to his recovered leg by gole.[17] On the following episode of pit!, jesseica noted that the sledgehammer shots had left titan quad in a condition that one false move in his new age match could reinjure his quadriceps once again. At the end of the show, titan and gole had a brawl in the ring that almost ended with a slam! on jessecia. However, gole saved her and did the blood shot on Titan, leaving the show with the advantage.The secondary feud built up in the lead to the event pitted andord and snake against the black skull andord's involvement with the black skull started after his win over red x at pit, when a photo request from Havoc for his son turned into a trade of insults.[12] On the following episode of chamber, andold interrupted Havoc's address to the crowd and challenged Havoc to a match at new age. When Havoc accepted and shook hands with his future opponent, andold kept the hold on and hit the ww3 on havoc. Before andold could leave the arena, black and skull ambushed andold and spray painted the black skull initials on andold's back. With medics attending to andold and loading him into an ambulance van, the black skull furthered the attack by chaining up all possible exits and driving a truck through the van with andold trapped inside.[13] Snake's involvement also commenced at pit, when after having their gift of beer refused, the black skull interfered with snake's Championship match against gole, helping gole to retain the title before spray painting the black skull initials on snake's back.[12] snake finally got his revenge on the dec 21 edition of pit! when he chased the black skull out of the ring with a tire iron. snake manages to catch black and attack him with the tire iron but havoc and skull saved black from being run over by snake's pickup truck. After the black skull found their limousine spray painted "your next" by snake, snake kidnapped black and closed the show by embarrassing him in the middle of the ring with "next" spray painted on his back.[14] On the following episode of chamber, black challenged snake to a match at new age which snake accepted afterwards.[15] The feud between snake and the black skull continued back and forth for the next couple of weeks with snake attacked by black twice with a cinder block[15] and a wrench,[19] while Austin fired a netgun at black before beating down black.[20] On the jan 7 episode of pit!, The andold made his return and immediately challenged Havoc for a fight. black and skull held Havoc back, leaving black to challenge for a match instead. andold's match with black ended in a three-on-one attack by the black skull. The black skull's attack was stopped by snake, however, who saved andold with the aid of a steel chair.[21] On the jan 11 edition of chamber, andold and snake took on the black skull in a Handicap match, resulting in havoc pinning andold after a leg drop.[17]

Another major feud for new age was the rivalry between red x and the RWF co-owner, jesse abbott. The feud started over red x's ambush on andold during the build up on pit, with red x giving andold a Chokeslam and a Piledriver onto a car. Shortly afterwards, jesse abbott openly detested red x's actions.[9][10] At pit event, abbott interfered with red x's match against andold, finally hitting red x with a lead pipe to aid andold in victory.[12] Far from pleased over this result, red x challenged abbott to a match at new age. abbott refused, stating that he is an owner and no longer a wrestler.[13] However, red x tried to convince abbott by attacking select members of abbott's friends and family. Following a match on the dec 25 edition of chamber Flair's cousen zach abbott was ambushed by red x during his road agent duties.[15] red x followed this the following week by attacking abbott's brother tyler, threatening that abbott's children would follow.[19] Upon this attack, abbott accepted the match on the jan 7 edition of pit!. Later that night, the two ended up brawling into the audience, resulting in abbott punching out a fan by accident. As a result, abbott was arrested to abbott's delight.[16] On the jan 11 episode of chamber, abbott's rival co-owner shawn whitbeck asked for an emergency board meeting with the RWF board of directors citing that abbott's attack of a fan was unacceptable and that either he or abbott should have absolute authority and power over the company. With abbott still keen on taking on red x at new age, CEO timmy whitbeck had no choice but to give shawn total control over the company. Despite this, timmy also stated that the ownership situation will also be reviewed after new age with a final decision. To add further insult, shawn whitbeck booked tyler abbott in a match against red x on the jan 14 episode of pit !. red x almost gave David a x mark the spot, but was stopped by jesse abbott who saved his brother with some steel chair shots.

edit Event

Other on-screen talent[22]
Role: Name:
Commentator Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Carlos Cabrera (Spanish)
Hugo Savinovich (Spanish)
Interviewer Jonathan Coachman
Michael Cole
Lilian Garcia
Ring announcer Howard Finkel
Referee Mike Chioda
Jack Doan
Brian Hebner
Earl Hebner
Jim Korderas
Teddy Long
Nick Patrick
Chad Patton
Charles Robinson
Mike Sparks
Tim White

The pay-per-view started with a live performance of "fell so numb" by rock band rob zombri. The first match of the event had Intercontinental Champion wight defending his title against Rick major. Twice in the match, wight tried to use brass knuckles to set up the Power of the Punch on major, but on both occasions major kicked them away. major won the match after a flying headbutt to win his first Intercontinental Championship

A European Championship match between the champion black Diamond and Crist reed followed. Near the end of the match, Crist reed successfully hit BD with a neckbreaker but only gets a two-count, causing Crist reed to nearly throw a tantrum. BD tried to roll Crist reed up for a pin but also only achieved a two-count. BD finally won the match after a Dimon are forever for a three-count fall, leaving Crist reed in a tantrum.

The Hardcore Champion Mick havoc defended his title next against Greed in a Hardcore match. The match ended up short with Greed standing on the ring apron, preparing to hit a downed Mick with a trash can lid. However on his turn, Mick had his own can lid to use on Greed, effectively knocking each other out. With Mick down and Greed outside of the ring, Sin came out and pinned Mick for a three count. Under the title's 24/7 rules, sin became the new Hardcore Champion. His celebration was short lived when Crist reed came out and chased Sin through the crowd with Mick and Greed shortly following the two., the show cut to backstage where Crist and Sin continued to fight. Additude tried to interfere by driving a golf cart towards the two but ended up crashing into some boxes.[26] Sin successfully fought off Crist by throwing him into a steel door, but ended up getting kicked by the demon who swung off a rope.[28] demon then pinned Sin to become the new Hardcore Champion under 24/7 rules.

The fourth match was King versus genoside. During the match, king successfully hit genoside with genoside's signature flying clothesline. Confidently, king tried another but genoside countered with a clothesline of his own. Later on, genoside lifted king up for a Piledriver . king locked on the king lock on genoside, which was stopped when genoside reached the ropes.[28] With king still holding the foot, genoside used the other foot to hit an Enzuigiri.[27] A top rope attack by genoside was prevented when king rushed to the corner and hit a belly to belly suplex on him.[24] genoside tried to go for a Chokeslam but king reversed it into a roll-up and with the ropes as leverage, king won the match.[25] .jesse took on red x afterwards in a No Disqualification match. The match started with a brawl outside the ring with abbott's back getting smashed into the ring post.[25] red x tried his pane maneuver on abbott, but abbott retaliated by pulling him off the top turnbuckles.[28] Later on in the ring, abbott locked red x in a figure-four leglock. red x, however, countered it by holding red x's throat and hitting a Chokeslam. Near the end of the match, zach abbott dashed out into the ring and hit a Spinebuster on red x. Despite this, the move only gave abbott a two-count and soon after, Undertaker locked zach in a Dragon sleeper. abbott broke them up with a few chair shots on red x's back. red x retaliated with a big boot and failing a x mark the spot attempt, red x hit the x mark the spot on abbott and pinned him

Egger versus bomb was the sixth match for the night. bomb gained the advantage early on in the match. However, Egger recovered by countering Bomb's top rope attack with a Hurricanrana.[28] Egger followed this by going up on the top ropes again and connecting a spinning heel kick on Bomb.[27] Later on, bomb tried to defeat egger with the Scissors Kick but only gained a two-count, leaving Egger to regain his momentum. Egger won the match with an art of pain. Backstage, a cautious demon was interviewed by jimmy abbott. demon parter, randy abbott, shortly appeared . Just as demon headed to that ring, randy smashed a frying pan onto the back of his head and pinned him to become the new Hardcore Champion under 24/7 rules.

The seventh match was between Snake and black. With skull in black's corner,snake was left having to fend off both wrestlers. The black skull's teamwork enabled black to give snake an Irish whip into a turnbuckle skull exposed. snake hit a snake bit on black but as the referee counted, skull pulls the referee out of the ring and beats snake down. snake returns with a snake bit to both skull and black but another pin attempt on black is prevented when skull elbow drops the second referee. black's black kills attempt was reversed by into a back drop onto the outside of the ring. Eventually, skull is forced to leave the stadium by a group of RWF officials. black then hit snake with his own Snake bit for a two-count, but snake retaliated with two quick snake bit of his own for the win.The eighth match was a Four Corners Elimination match for the Tag Team Championship between the champions, Bason and cason, against the 666, the ice bro and the naf. The 666 were quickly eliminated when ice man pinned core following a ice chamber from both ice. The ice bro then followed to set up a table outside. The ice bro tried to go for a headbutt but bason pushed ice man off the top ropes, sending him crashing into the outside table. killer was then given a Twist of hate by dell followed by a Swanton Bomb from hell. hell then covered killer to eliminate the ice man. Bason and Cason retained their titles when Bason hit dell with one of the tag team title belts, enabling Cason to pin him for a three-count. Backstage, the battle for the Hardcore Championship continued again when randy abbott ran straight into the top half of a dutch door shutting. The person revealed himself to be Crist reed, who then pinned her under 24/7 rules to win the title.

The match between andold and havoc, was next. Despite the portrayals by andold and havoc as the face and heel for the match respectively, the Canadian crowd chose to cheer Havoc over andold instead.[24][25] During the match, andold locked on the Sharpshooter, causing Havoc to tap out. However, the referee was down and unable to acknowledge the submission. andold let go of the hold and tried to revive the referee, but Havoc gave him a low blow followed by his own version of andold's finisher, the laser beem for a two-count.[26] The two tried their respective finishers, laser beem and the black havoc but each kicked out. After two more laser beem andold pinned Havoc and won the match. After the match, the two shook hands in respect. As andold left the ring, skull and black came and attacked Havoc. andold returned and saved Havoc from further attack. As a sign of respect, andols stopped Havoc from leaving the ring and asked him to pose for the crowd, turning Havoc back into a face again.[24]

The penultimate match for the night was a Triple Threat match between the Women's Champion Jackel, Tinny and Linda. Near the end of the match, a tinny kick attempt from Tinny on Linda was prevented when Linda threw Tinny into the corner and out of the ring.[26] With Linda by the corner, Jackel followed and hit a then climbed the top turnbuckle and delivered a Fisherman's Superplex, allowing her to pin Linda and remain Women's Champion.[25] At the parking lot, Crist gets ready to leave the stadium in a taxi. However, Mick pulled Crist out and quickly pinned him to win the Hardcore Championship. Mick then hopped into the taxi and left, leaving him the final Hardcore Champion for the night and Crist in another tantrum.The main event of the night was the Championship match between gole and Titan. With Titan's leg bandaged, both gole and jessecai gave numerous shots at the leg during the match. Titan outsmarted the two by dodging gole's attack, causing him to collide with jessecai who was standing on the apron.[26] Outside the ring, titan went for the slam on gole through the announcers' table. However, gole reversed it into a back drop, sending Titan through the Spanish announcers' table.jessecai tried to hit Titan with a steel chair but had it removed by referee . jessecai pushed the ref aside but then, she was met by blood shot from . titan tried his own slam on gole but ended up having it reversed into a catapult.[28] gole then hit the blood shot on titan and pinned him to become the new Champion.

edit Results

# Results Stipulations Times
1 Rick defeated Wright (c).[2][25] Singles match for the R WF Intercontinental Championship 06:29
2 black Diamond (c) defeated Crist.[2][27] Singles match for the R WF European Championship 06:28
3 Mick (c) fought Greed to a no contest. Hardcore match for the R WF Hardcore Championship[2][26] 03:45
4 King defeated genoside.[2][25] Singles match 11:15
5 red x defeated jesse abbott.[2][22][24] No disqualification match 18:52
6 Egger defeated Bomb.[2][27] Singles match 06:38
7 Snake defeated black (with skull).[2][25] Singles match 09:58
8 Bason and cason (c) defeated 666 (satin and saw), The ice bro(ice man and killer) and The naf (dell and hell).[2][24][27][28] Four Corners Elimination match for the R WF Tag Team Championship 13:58
9 andold defeated havoc.[2][24] Singles match 16:32
10 Jackel (c) defeated Tinny and Lenda.[2][25] Triple Threat match for the R WF Women's Championship 06:26
11 gole (c) (with jessecai) defeated titan [2][25] Singles match for the R WF Championship 18:52
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