National Championship Wrestling
Debut Date February 2006
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA
Owner/C.E.O Victor Santos Torres (V.S.T)
Operated By NCW Staff

National Championship Wrestling(NCW)is a publicly traded, privately controlled Professional Wrestling Company. Victor Santos Torres Is the Owner of The Company. With Other Relatives (Unknown to the Public Currently) owning Shares as well as Santos Himself, The Santos Family has a combined Share Percentage of over 50%, making Their Family The Majority Shareholders of NCW.


NCW Originally Opened in 2006,by Xavier Santos (Original Owner/Majority Shareholder and Son of Victor Santos Torres).Initially opened their doors to Ex-Wrestlers of the former One Up Wrestling (OUW) Promotion, NCW Created a lot of homegrown stars during its day, Including Jack,Wild, King Kurby,Tabu, Chris Stern, and featured Stars who were with other Companies, but would become Synonymous with the letters NCW, such as Hunter, Death,and RUGGED.Due to financial problems, NCW closed down what seemed for good in Summer 2007, in the midst of Pro Wrestling's Backlash caused by The Media.It is Currently Re-Open as of June of 2009.

The Federation, before and even after getting a National Television Deal, was Syndicated on UGO Network (Formerly Ziff Davis Media) Owned Due to the former Stars that Jumped ship to NCW, and the fact that both Promotions were Broadcasted on the same site, It was thought that OUW and NCW were at odds and even at War at one point.Although, it is passed off as a Rumor by many, citing the fact that many OUW and NCW stars have Jumped ship to The other Promotion without Issues and that there were Several acts of Non-Hostility between the Two.

The Federation's Main Headquarters are located in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. It also has Headquarters In Hartford,Connecticut as well as New York City.Its Flagship Show is Called Monday Night Vengeance.

Wrestling Style

NCW became most notably known for its tendency to create Risque Storylines and Almost Deathmatch-esque Matches, as well as Its Hardcore Cult Style, which was a Contrast from Other Federations around it at The Time.The group has showcased many different styles of professional wrestling, ranging from Hardcore to Pure Technical Wrestling.

Television Shows



  • NCW Reborn!(Monday night)
  • NCW Friday Night Turmoil
  • House Party (Every Saturday)

Current NCW Champions

Promotion Championship
or accomplishment
Current champion(s) Held Since Event Won At
National Championship Wrestling NCW Champion "The Hardcore King" Wild October 4, 2009 Monday Night Vengeance
NCW National Champion "The Lethal Weapon" Ben Stevens September 24, 2009 Monday Night Vengeance
NCW Pure Champion "God's Last Gift" John Pariah September 3, 2009 NCW Summerbash
NCW Hardcore Champion Wild April 26, 2009 NCW Pandemonium III

Defunct Title Belts


NCW Management

  • Victor Santos Torres (V.S.T) - NCW Chairman
  • Xavier Santos - NCW Ambassador
  • Maria Santos - 50% Shareholder


  • Acid
  • Antonio Lopez
  • Ben Stevens
  • Billy Blaze
  • Chris Stern
  • Danny Szatowski
  • Darin Zenaka
  • Death
  • Deric Smith
  • Devon Poole
  • Ethan Starr
  • "Pretty Boy" Floyd
  • Fox
  • Jace Young
  • Jacob Wright(manager)
  • Jamean Jaxon
  • Jason Carpenter
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • JJ Hart
  • John King
  • Joshua Acquin
  • Jourita Hills
  • Max Green
  • Nero Cain
  • O'Kato
  • Ryan Daniels
  • Sah Ta' Thor
  • Stephen Kristopher
  • Tyler Graves
  • Wild
  • Wild-Dog
  • Wolf
  • Xavier Cross
  • Xavier Williams (X)

Teams & Factions

Current Teams

  • The Legion
  • Team X
  • The Revolution
  • The Empire of Blood
  • The Starr Connection
  • The Triumvirate
  • Bullets From The Sky
  • Global Revolution

Past Teams

  • The Forbidden Vixens
  • The Sirens
  • Steven Kristopher & Michael Hall
  • The LAW
  • The outLAWZ
  • united Wrestling alliance

Former Superstars

  • Hunter
  • Avenger (uWa)
  • Billy Hill(uWa)
  • Sgt.America (uWa)
  • Psyclone(uWa)
  • Terry "Sonic" Pierce
  • Jasper “Dark” Griffin
  • Punk
  • Ghost
  • Psychosis
  • "Number 1" Don Doren
  • Tabu
  • King Kurby
  • Jack
  • Kyle Floyd
  • Defias
  • Mansanty
  • Tony "The Beast"
  • Prophet
  • Shane Kennedy
  • Shaun Kennedy
  • Michael Hall
  • Dante
  • Chaos
  • Alex Evans
  • "Don" Altone Denigi
  • Speedster
  • Casey Jones
  • Zack Jackson
  • Creed
  • Ric Fitzpatrick
  • David Padayao
  • Felix
  • Anissa
  • Bianca Shaw
  • Rayne
  • Faith
  • Brooke
  • Emily James
  • Kelly Morgan
  • Marina Juarez