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Mikaela Vivienne Scott (born November 6, 1996) better known as her stage name, Mikaela Chandler (or simply Mikaela), is a Canadian actress and singer. She is known for being the daughter of Canadian professional wrestler Tyler Chandler. She subsequently ventured into feature films and has starred in Blue Sea and animated film Hotel Transylvania both were released in 2012.

Her career has expanded into the music industry; Gomez is the lead singer and founder of the pop band MIKAELA, which has released three RIAA Gold certified studio albums, Scars Remain, Living Life and Power, spawned three RIAA Platinum certified singles, "Scars Remain", "Guilt Trip" and "This Life" and charted four No. 1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs.

In 2011, Mikaela was designated as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Early life

Mikaela was born in Windsor, Ontario on November 6th 1996, her mother.. Amy Scott kept the identity of her father hidden from her for many years after a falling out between them. Mikaela spent most of her years without a father, having been raised by her mother in Windsor, where she would go to school. However shortly before her fourteenth birthday, her mother and her moved out to Tampa, Florida and that was when tragedy struck, her mother was killed in a car accident however before the accident, Amy had brought Mikaela out to Tampa, for her to meet her father, so one morning Mikaela was dropped off at her father's home, who was revealed to be professional wrestler, Tyler Chandler who already had three kids of his own. Tyler welcomed his daughter with open arms while Mikaela was still unsure, but eventually began to love her father as if he had known her since she was born.

Music career (2009-present)

2009–2011: Scars Remain

After having a talk with her father and hearing her singing in her bedroom, Tyler suggested that she begin a singing career and make her mother proud, Mikaela took a liking to the idea and dyed her hair black and managed to find some friends from school who were interested in music as well so she formed her own band and they are currently working on her debut album which will be titled, Scars Remain.

The reasons behind the title of Mikaela's debut album had to do with her mother's death and that some of those scars from her death are still with Mikaela, and losing a parent at such a young age was traumatizing for her. She knows her mother would be proud of what she is achieving and about her choice to get into music. She dedicated this first album to the memory of her mother and the single "Scars Remain" she wrote about the pain of losing her mother at a young age.

2011-2012: Living Life

After the success of her first album, Mikaela had desires to begin writing her second album, however after being convinced by her father, she opted to wait a bit as she wanted to also get into acting, so with the help of her father she was able to land her first film role. Mikaela announced that her second album, titled 'Living Life' is scheduled to be released sometime during the summer of 2011.

2012–present: Power and Christmas album

At the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards it was announced that Mikaela and her band were working on their third studio album and were shooting for a November 2012 release date. On April 3rd, 2012 Mikaela revealed the title of her new album to be Power. The album was released on November 21, 2012 to positive reviews from critics, citing how much she has grown since her first album. Mikaela is getting ready for her second world tour titled: Power World Tour which is slated to begin in January 2013. Mikaela announced that along with the new world tour she was also going to be working on a Christmas album and would be releasing it in time for December 2013.

Acting career

After being convinced by her father, Mikaela signed on to a film titled "Remaining Scars" which also starred her father. It will be a straight to DVD released film, slated for a release date of April 2011. The film is about a double agent (Chandler) being set up and having to protect his daughter (Mikaela) from being harmed by the government he once worked for. Filming is slated to begin in August 2010. Mikaela recently filmed another movie role which wrapped up in December 2010. The film titled 'Blue Sea' was released in January 2012. In 2011 Mikaela hosted the MMVA Awards in Toronto, Ontario. Mikaela will star in the upcoming computer-animated 3D comedy film Hotel Transylvania. The film is set for a 28 September 2012 release in theaters. Mikaela is currently taking a hiatus from acting to focus on her music career.

Personal life

It was reported in 2010 that Mikaela was dating Pop and R&B Singer, Justin Bieber. The relationship was then confirmed by Mikaela herself however they would break up a few months later before resuming a relationship in June 2011. In May 2012 a Representative for both parties confirmed that the two were no longer in a relationship and hadn't been since early April. Shortly after the breakup Mikaela started dating childhood friend, Blake Ryan.


Year Title Role Notes
2011 Remaining Scars Abigail Spencer Acting debut
2012 Blue Sea Lucy Stillman
Hotel Transylvania Mavis


  • Scars Remain (2009)
  • Living Life (2011)
  • Power (2012)


  • Scars Remain Tour (2009–2010)
  • Living Life Tour (2011–2012)


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