Joe Cesaire
Real Name Joe Cesaire
Ring Name(s) Cesaire
Joe Cesaire
Height 6'0" (182.88 cm)
Weight 302 lb (136.985 kg)
Date of Birth February 21, 1983 (age 33)
Place of Birth Athens, Georgia Flag of the United States
Resides Atlanta, Georgia Flag of the United States
Billed From The ATL Flag of the United States
Trainer Jon Sloan
Dominic Cervontez
Deak Dagen
Current Fed(s) Calamity Fight Club
Former Fed(s)


Debut June 26, 2013

Joe Lewis Cesaire (born February 21, 1980) is an American professional wrestler signed to the California-based promotion Calamity Fight Club (CFC), where he is a former CFC Champion. He is formerly known as being the long-time manager for his estranged mentor, The Shiz.

Early life

Joe Cesaire was born in Athens, Georgia. He is the eldest of three children; his mother worked as a store manager of McDonald's in Athens. By the age of 18, Cesaire moved to Atlanta, where he became a truck driver. He later grew tired of the traveling, eventually getting into construction. Cesaire was working as a nightclub bouncer before meeting Jon Sloan for the first time, who introduced him to professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling career

EHWF — Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (2013)


Rumors had been circulating around the internet of JayDee's possible return to professional wrestling after his band had finished touring Europe. Those rumors were confirmed when he was spotted on an episode of Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation Friday Night Mayhem, walking out of the General Manager's office, along with Cesaire, who used the ring name Ralyks. Little was known about Ralyks other than the fact that he acted as a cornerman and bodyguard for his friend. Ralyks would accompany JayDee regularly to his matches but only interfere when an opponent was attempting to gain the upper hand. In what was widely believed to be one of the most violent and action-packed matches in EHWF's recent history, Kaz and JayDee battled inside of a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match, with no man clearly dominating the majority of the match. After sending JayDee crashing into the canvass below, Kaz was then able to escape the structure to end the feud. This was done to write off JayDee and Ralyks from television as JayDee was taking a hiatus to tour with his band for the remainder of the year.

TWE — Total Wrestling Entertainment (Early 2015)

The Order

Around December 2014, Sloan was tweeting cryptic messages from his account that began to catch the eyes of wrestling fans. Weeks later, Total Wrestling Entertainment announced his signing, under his ring name The Shiz, through their website. The following Monday Night Enigma, Cesaire made his return to television now using his real name, Joe Cesaire, cornering The Shiz in a Triple Threat match against Blackout and the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, John Steel. The Shiz was able to single out Steel, finishing him with a Diving Splash. Blackout, angered by the win, attacked The Shiz after the match and fled before Cesaire could even the odds. The following week on Enigma, The Shiz faced the brute Vik Anders in a No Disqualification match. As he was about to secure the win, Blackout made a surprise appearance, distracting The Shiz long enough for Anders to Chokeslam him off of the top rope through a table before being pinned, Cesaire only being able to watch in horror. After The Shiz defeated Blackout inside of an unforgiving steel cage, The Shiz began to act differently, both in and out of the ring. The Shiz struggled in the quarter-finals of the TWE World Heavy Weight Championship Tournament match against Endee Leights, resorting to pulling her tights and sneaking away with the win. Cesaire, however, was able to keep The Shiz focused, eventually leading him to the finals of the tournament, defeating Stefan Raab to become TWE World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. Immediately after the match, Blackout's stablemate from The Order, Phantom, brutalized the newly crowned champion. Cesaire attempted to defend his friend but Phantom was too big and experienced, beating him down as well.

In a non-title Full Metal Mayhem matchat Born to be Champion 2015, The Shiz with Cesaire in his corner faced off against Phantom with Blackout in his corner. Phantom dominated in a mostly one-sided beating until The Shiz was able to knock Phantom off of the ladder, sending him through two stacked tables. Moments away from defeating Phantom, Blackout interfered, eventually allowing Phantom to deliver the Supreme Phantasmal Crasher off of the ladder through six steel chairs for the upset victory. The Order faced The Shiz and Cesaire in a Tag Team match on the following Enigma, only to have it end in a no contest after the brawl spilled out into the audience. Blackout finally got his opportunity for The Shiz's belt as the two faced off in a Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship, all cornermen being banned from ringside. In a shocking act of revenge, The Shiz delivered his DET to Blackout on top of the steel steps before finishing him off with the Stage Dive, putting an end to the violent feud.

The Shiz's Relapse

With Slam-Mania only weeks away, President Anderson was determined to put on a fitting main event for TWE's biggest pay-per-view of the year, hand-picking Stefan Raab as the new number one contender. This appeared to upset The Shiz, as he already bested him in the tournament and felt Raab was undeserving of the title opportunity. Later, The Shiz teamed with Endee Leights to face Raab and Chris Matthews in a Tag Team match, which was won by Matthews after pinning Endee to the mat. Afterward, Cesaire had to calm the champion down, who was frustrated and embarrassed for losing. The following week, The Shiz and Raab met in the ring once again but this time for a contract signing that would officially authorize their match at Slam-Mania. The Shiz attempted to persuade Raab from proceeding with the match, trying to create sympathy for himself. For a moment it looked like it was going to work in the champion's favor, but Raab saw right through this facade, signing the contract regardless. At Slam-Mania, the two faced each other for the World Heavyweight Championship. In the final moments of the match, The Shiz ordered his associate, Cesaire, to retrieve his trusty guitar. Cesaire couldn't bring himself to do it, leaving The Shiz deserted. Raab was then able to counter the springboard dropkick into The Ice Storm for the win. The loss of the championship was The Shiz's saving grace as he then began to realize his unhealthy obsession of the title and the effects it was having on his matches. Cesaire helped his friend accept the loss and return his integrity to him.

Strained Friendship

As The Shiz continued his success in TWE, Cesaire started to feel underappreciated and worthless. Shocking to everyone, The Shiz would go on to defeat Equinox on Enigma after Cesaire, uncharacteristically, intervened in the match. The Shiz was later interviewed about the incident, revealing that he never asked for Cesaire to interfere and, holding his associate accountable, decided to relieve him of his duties indefinitely as a result of his attack. During Cesaire's absence, The Shiz became close friends with the man that Cesaire attacked, Equinox, going on to compete under the name Echelon as a tag team. Cesaire hoped that The Shiz would reconsider his decision but that grew more unlikely, as Echelon gained massive popularity. It wasn't until The Shiz left TWE that the two men reconciled their differences.

CFC — Calamity Fight Club (Late 2015 - Present)


In the first qualifying match for the CFC Championship Grand Prix, The Shiz was pitted against an unknown opponent, who was later revealed to be his long-time friend, Joe Cesaire, just before the match. This was the first official match that they have ever faced each other in and no one expected it to be so closely contested. Cesaire was moments away from winning the match with the Dominator but The Shiz was able to counter into a modified sunset flip for the victory. After the match, The Shiz and Cesaire shook hands, rekindling their friendship. Cesaire would corner The Shiz from that point on, accompanying him through the entire tournament. The Shiz made it to the finals but came up short against Cervontez.


The Shiz was allowed to compete for the number one contendership against Qwik$ylver. Qwik$ylver was almost able to sneak away with the win by putting his feet on the ropes, however, Cesaire was able to shove his feet off, allowing The Shiz to kick out. With Qwik$ylver distracted by Cesaire, he was left open for The Shiz to pin him with a schoolboy rollup. The following week, during The Shiz's match with Abel, Qwik$ylver attacked Cesaire at ringside. The Shiz watched as the brawl led up the ramp, leaving an opening for Abel to connect with the Burning Lariat to finish the match. At Fight Night 9, The Shiz and Joe Cesaire called out the CFC Champion, Cervontez, who walked out and confronted the two men in the middle of the ring. It wasn't long before Qwik$ylver joined the men, disrespecting each of them. Cervontez, The Shiz, and Cesaire joined together to put a beating on Qwik$ylver before tossing him out of the ring. Cervontez then, out of nowhere, takes out The Shiz's associate, much to the audience's surprise. The Shiz attempted to defend Cesaire, but Cervontez was able to slip out of the DET before locking in his Dragon Clutch. Referees eventually stormed the ring, prying the two men apart. The following week, The Shiz finally got his second opportunity for the CFC Championship but Qwik$ylver once again made his presence known and cost The Shiz the match.

At Fight Night 12, Cesaire got a one-on-one match with Qwik$ylver with The Shiz as a guest commentator. Qwik$ylver shocked the audience by, not only beating Cesaire cleanly, but also displaying a great deal of strength by being able to lift his opponent up into the Northern Lights Bomb. The Shiz and Cesaire teamed up to take on Qwik$ylver and Eric Kaeding in a Tag Team match. The pairing of Kaeding and Qwik$ylver were able to utilize their cunning tactics to sneak away with the win. The Shiz faced Qwik$ylver one-on-one in his signature match, the Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (III) Tables match, putting an end to the feud with The Major Impact 2.0 through the table.


After having been beaten within 30 seconds in their first encounter, The Shiz challenged Greco to a rematch at the final CFC show of the year, Fight Night 16. Their second match was again completely dominated by Greco, toying with The Shiz before securing the victory with his signature Greco Press. After the match, Greco connected with a cheap shot on Cesaire in order to prove his superiority. The Shiz and Cesaire faced him together in a Handicap match at the first Fight Night of 2016. Struggling from the opening bell, The Shiz and Cesaire began to wear down their gargantuan opponent over time. Cesaire became the first man to have knocked down Greco in any match but eventually fell into his Greco Grip. The Shiz helped Cesaire reach the ropes but Greco refused to let go, resulting in a disqualification. As the match came to an end, The Shiz acted quickly, blasting Greco with a guitar shot then latched on the Lockdown, punishing his opponent before the referees stormed the ring to separate the two men. At Fight Night 19 without Cesaire in his corner, The Shiz faced Greco in a brutal Hardcore match which saw Greco dumping The Shiz's ladder off of the top of the stage, launching him into the electrical equipment below before pinning him.

Various Tag Teams

With The Shiz completing his feud with Bonesaw, he and Cesaire began competing as a tag team. The Shiz and his associate, Joe Cesaire, faced Wesley Brooks and Ethan Young in a Tag Team match, defeating them handily. The following week, The Shiz and Cesaire faced off against the team of Freiherr and Tarasque. Towards the end of the match, Cesaire injured his ankle leading to Freiherr finishing him with the Reign of Freiherr. The Shiz took a week off from competition before returning to action with Cyrus as his Tag Team partner against Cobra and Darkside. Darkside scored the pinfall on Cyrus. At Fight Night 36, The Shiz teamed with Adam Harris against Abel and Jex Blackwell. Due to Jex and Abel's inability to work effectively together, The Shiz and Harris secured the victory after Harris connected with Forever Red on Abel. Having found success partnering with Harris, the two men continued teaming together in Tag Team matches. Harris and The Shiz began to create a reputation for themselves as the dominant tag team in CFC after dispatching a series of opponents without much trouble. In a backstage segment, Cesaire surprised The Shiz and announced that he was medically cleared to compete once again, thanking Harris for "filling in." The Shiz, obviously torn by the important decision, chose to continue teaming with Harris due to their success. This decision meant that Cesaire was benched indefinitely, only being able to watch as they carried on without him.

CFC Tag Team Classic

At Fight Night 41, The Shiz and Harris faced the dynamic duo of Eric Kaeding and Cobra. After Cobra inadvertently knocked down the referee, Cesaire interfered in the match by nailing Cobra with a destructive thrust spinebuster. Cesaire disappeared into the crowd and The Shiz, oblivious to Cesaire's interference, forced Cobra to tap out to the Lockdown. That match was later revealed to be the first match in a tag team tournament called the CFC Tag Team Classic. However, due to Cesaire's involvement, The Shiz and Harris were forced to face Kaeding and Cobra in a rematch the following week. The Shiz finally found success in the match by locking in the Hangman's Clutch on Cobra to advance in the tournament.

Harris and The Shiz were then placed in a Triple Threat Tag Team match in order to correct the tournament's schedule after the unexpected rematch the previous week. Now facing Douglas Armstrong and Terence Frazier, as well as, Donald Fleming and Fred Dennis in the quarterfinals, Cesaire opted to be in the team's corner but Harris quickly turned down the offer. Towards the end of the match, Frazier was going to score the upset on Harris after a low blow while the referee was down, but Cesaire interfered by hitting Frazier with the DND before dragging Harris on top of him for the cover. After the match, The Shiz had to separate his two friends as Harris was furious over Cesaire's assistance. In their semifinal match, with Cesaire being banned from further involvement in the tournament, Adam Harris and The Shiz would have to defeat the team of Jon Rhodes and Byron Lane two consecutive times in order to advance with Lane and Rhodes only having to score a single victory, as punishment for Cesaire interfering the previous week. Harris picked up the first pinfall for the team after a missile dropkick/Forever Red combination on Lane. Rhodes and Lane grew desperate, utilizing every under-handed tactic they could think of but it wasn't enough as Rhodes countered The Shiz's Lockdown into an inside cradle, which was reversed by The Shiz to get the three-count. In the finals of the CFC Tag Team Classic, The Shiz faced a familiar team of Tarasque and Freiherr, now collectively known as The Suffering, but earlier that evening Harris was violently attacked backstage by an unknown assailant. The Shiz had the option of forfeiting the match, instead, he chose to continue as a two-on-one Handicap match. Shockingly, The Shiz showed tremendous success early into the match, however, the numbers proved too much as Freiherr and Tarasque picked him apart. The Shiz was almost defeated twice during the match but was able to get his shoulder up first after receiving a Darkness Falls from Tarasque, then a second time after Freiherr's Reign of Freiherr. A battered Adam Harris eventually stumbled down the ramp, refusing to let his tag team partner carry the team by himself. The Shiz, absolutely exhausted, was finally able to make the tag and Harris, fueled by pure adrenaline, put a beating on both opponents. However, Tarasque and Freiherr were still the healthier men, putting Harris down for the count with their vicious Devouring Darkness, becoming the first team to win the CFC Tag Team Classic trophy.

The Suffering

On Fight Night 53, Harris and The Shiz dominated Nicolas Luna and Elbert Crawford in a Tornado Tag Team match. The Suffering emerged from the crowd after the match and attempted to blindside their rivals once again but this time The Shiz and Harris were prepared, fending the duo off and chasing them out of the ring. As The Suffering were backpedalling up the ramp, Cesaire leveled both of them with a double clothesline to the back of the necks. Cesaire threw both men back into the ring, allowing Harris and The Shiz to exact their revenge. Afterward, Cesaire attempted to shake hands with Harris and settle their personal differences but Harris ignored it.

Feeling embarrassed and humiliated, The Suffering finally granted The Shiz and Harris their rematch in order to teach them a firm lesson. The bout was evenly matched as Cesaire was present at ringside to thwart any attempted cheating from their opponents. Tarasque eventually had enough of Cesaire's involvement in the match and slapped him while he was standing on the ring apron. Harris looked to connect with a running big boot to Tarasque but he dove out of the way, leading Harris' boot to connect with the unsuspecting Cesaire, launching him off of the apron into the barricade. The distracted Harris then fell victim into a Darkness Falls from Tarasque, securing the win. After the match, The Suffering planted The Shiz with the Devouring Darkness before dragging Harris out in front of the announcer's table. Cesaire thought about coming to Harris' aid as the two made eye contact but, ultimately, decided to assist The Shiz to the back, allowing The Suffering to send Harris through the announcer's table with a double front slam.

The following week, Cesaire went toe-to-toe against Freiherr, eventually beating him with the Dominator. At Fight Night 56, Cesaire faced Tarasque with Freiherr in his corner and despite The Suffering's cheating antics, Cesaire was able to incapacitate the two men with a thrust spinebuster to each, prior to pinning them both at the same time. The Shiz returned from his two week hiatus to rejoin Cesaire, defeating Aaron Walker and Andrew Wells without much effort. After The Suffering dispatched Emanuel Massey and Noah Lopez later that evening, The Shiz and Cesaire marched down to the ring to resolve their feud once and for all but The Suffering fled the ring, telling them "Next week..." before making their way to the back. Main eventing Fight Night 58, The Shiz and Cesaire awaited their opponents, The Suffering, who stormed the ring to engage in a violent brawl. Shiz and Cesaire, surprisingly, made quick work of them, unleashing a Mind Blower to both of them prior to ending the match. Immediately afterward, the two men discovered that their opponents were merely decoys with Freiherr and Tarasque incapacitating Cesaire with the Pain Killer out of nowhere. The Shiz attempted to fight off both men but the numbers proved to be too great, eventually leaving him prone on the mat after planting him with their Devouring Darkness maneuver.

To end the bitter rivalry the two teams faced each other one last time in a Hardcore Tornado Tag Team match. The match proved to be as brutal as expected, with all participants of the match tasting their own blood. The Shiz narrowly evaded a Devouring Darkness attempt with Cesaire and The Shiz somehow turning the table on Freiherr, delivering a crushing Mind Blower to end the match and finally defeat The Suffering. The two friends celebrated their hard fought victory in the ring before Adam Harris made his triumphant return from the injury he sustained as a result of The Suffering putting him through the announcer's table. Harris congratulated both men on achieving what he could not. Harris looked to have put his and Cesaire's differences aside by shaking his hand until Harris kicked him in the stomach, delivering a Forever Red in the center of the ring. The Shiz raced to restrain Harris, trying to talk some sense into him but Harris leveled his former friend with a clothesline. Harris then dragged Cesaire's carcass out of the ring and sent him crashing through the announcer's table with a second Forever Red.

Adam Harris

With Cesaire out of commission after the assault by Harris, The Shiz called out Harris the following week on Spotlight of the Night, but he no-showed. On Fight Night 63, Harris was very apathetic during his match with Cyrus. Harris disqualified himself after refusing to release his standing camel clutch submission during a rope break. The Shiz confronted Harris after the match asking him why he turned on his friends to join The Suffering, but before he could answer The Suffering intervened and forced The Shiz to retreat. The Shiz and Harris were scheduled in a Singles match but the match never began as Harris defiantly abandoned the match altogether. The Shiz chased after him backstage but was ambushed by The Suffering. Harris ordered The Suffering to spare his former friend and, feeling sorry for what The Shiz has gone through, finally agreed to answer his questions. The week after, Harris appeared on Spotlight of the Night, revealing to The Shiz that he is not trying to punish The Shiz. Harris, elaborated by saying his differences are with Cesaire and that he was going to finish the job once Cesaire returned. The Shiz attempted to dig for more details but Harris' final warning was to "stay out of my way" before exiting the ring.

The Shiz went one-on-one against Freiherr with Tarasque in his corner and defeated him with the Hangman's Clutch. Predictably, The Suffering began attacking The Shiz after the final bell, eventually folding him with the Pain Killer. Harris made his way down to the ring in defense of The Shiz. A disappointed Tarasque slaps Harris in the face, prompting him to chase them out of the ring. The following week, The Suffering called out Adam Harris in order to see where his allegiances lie but The Shiz shows up in his place, telling them that Harris is loyal to him and to prove it, they will take on The Suffering later on in the main event. As the match is about to begin Harris no-showed again, leaving The Shiz at the mercy of The Suffering. Cesaire's music hits and makes a surprise return, demolishing the two men even with a taped midsection. As Cesaire and The Shiz celebrate in the ring, The Suffering delivered a cryptic message to them "You still don't get it... but you'll find out soon enough".

Cesaire faced a tough opponent in Bonesaw but was able to put him away with a thrust spinebuster. Immediately following the match, Harris marched down towards Cesaire and the two men collided in the center of the ring. Cesaire, tired and still not 100%, didn't put up much of a fight and easily fell victim to the Forever Red. The Shiz stormed the ring and once again came to the aid of his associate but Harris answered back with a low blow. With Cesaire regaining consciousness, Harris retrieved a steel chair and attempted to blast him over the head but The Shiz shoved Cesaire out of the way, taking the bullet for him. Shocked and disgusted with himself, Harris fled to the back. At Fight Night 69, The Shiz with Cesaire in his corner faced Harris in an Iron Man match for the card's main event. The Shiz was able to get the first fall after landing the Stage Dive, Harris got the second fall with Forever Red, and nearing the hour mark The Shiz picked up the third fall by submitting Harris with his debut of the Scorpion Deathlock, becoming the victor at 2-1. Cesaire celebrated The Shiz's hard fought accomplishment before the defeated Harris congratulated him through the mic from the base of the ramp. Harris revealed that he and The Shiz would have been the greatest tag team that CFC had ever seen but The Shiz gave that up because he was too stubborn and too blind to see the truth. As Harris limped up the ramp, surveillance footage was shown on the Tron that clearly revealed Cesaire as the one that attacked Harris backstage before facing The Suffering in the CFC Tag Team Classic finals. The Shiz, feeling betrayed and humiliated, turned to face Cesaire who nonchalantly shrugged in response before sending The Shiz crashing into the mat with a Dominator.

The Shiz

Cesaire opened the show by explaining his actions and motives, taking full responsibility for sabotaging The Shiz's and Harris' chance at winning the CFC Tag Team Classic. Cesaire claimed he was always looked down upon by The Shiz when he was the better man. He then openly challenged The Shiz for a match that night, knowing that his rival wasn't in attendance, as he was off touring with his band for the coming weeks. Cesaire faced Eddie Bloom later in the night, completely dominating him before finishing him with a thrust spinebuster. After the match, Cesaire declared that every week that The Shiz is gone, he was going to destroy someone from the locker room. Before leaving, he would connect with another thrust spinebuster, but this time through a trashcan.

Cesaire made good on his promise, easily defeating Jeff Coleman before dumping him onto a steel chair with the DND. The following week, he beat Alexander Riggs and then planted him on the steel steps with a Dominator. Cesaire claimed to have three perfect ways of defeating The Shiz before his rival surprised him by walking out onto the stage. The Shiz told Cesaire that there is only one way that he was going to beat his old associate and that was by making him tap. The Shiz then charged down the ramp, brawling with Cesaire in the center of the ring. The Shiz quickly go the upper hand, causing Cesaire to flee to the outside. The Shiz chased him around ringside before running right into a thrust spinebuster out of nowhere. Cesaire smirked as he left the area. Cesaire and The Shiz faced each other in a Singles match on Fight Night 73, where Cesaire took control of the match early on. Throughout the match, Cesaire was unable to catch his opponent with any of his major maneuvers just as The Shiz was unable to apply his Lockdown. Cesaire surprised The Shiz by debuting his Bear Trap submission for the first time. The Shiz was unable to escape the hold and, refusing to tap, fell unconscious to the pain resulting in an upset victory for Cesaire. The following week Cesaire gloated about his victory over his former mentor in front of the audience before issuing a challenge to 'The King' Cobra for his CFC Championship. Instead of the champion making an appearance, The Shiz walked out to the ring instead. The Shiz congratulated Cesaire before challenging him to a rematch, guaranteeing that Cesaire would not beat him a second time. Cesaire responded by tell him he needed to earn another shot at facing "the future champ," then walked away. Backstage, Cesaire was informed by the General Manager that he made a good point out in the ring and was booked in a number one contenders match against none other than The Shiz, setting him off into a rage.

At Fight Night 75, Cesaire faced The Shiz in another singles match to determine the next number one contender for Cobra's championship. Cesaire showcased his superior strength in the opening minutes of the match but The Shiz was able to take over by systematically targeting his knee. Cesaire was able to deliver a thrust spinebuster at the midpoint of the match but The Shiz was able to get his shoulder up. The ref was inadvertently knocked out prior to The Shiz latching on the Scorpion Deathlock, forcing Cesaire to tap out. With The Shiz desparately trying to revive the referee, Cesaire blind sighted him with a steel chair. The end of the match came when The Shiz was caught red-handed and disqualified for blasting Cesaire with a guitar shot in retaliation for the repeated chair shots he received while the ref was unconscious. After Cesaire was awarded a shot at the CFC Championship, Cobra stormed the ring and planted both competitors with his Serpent Strike. The following week, Cesaire challenged Cobra for his title in singles competition. After two near falls for the champion, the challenger surprised Cobra with a DND out of nowhere. Before he could make the cover, The Shiz emerged from the crowd and stared down his nemesis from across the ring. Cesaire pleaded for him not to interfere as he was moments away from defeating Cobra and appeared to convince The Shiz, who turned to exit the ring. Cesaire attempted the cover but The Shiz changed his mind and dragged Cesaire off of the champion, applying the Scorpion Deathlock in the process. The referee called the end of the match before The Shiz landed a huge Stage Dive on Cobra for good measure. At Fight Night 77, Cobra faced The Shiz and Cesaire in a Three Way match for the CFC Championship. The majority of the match saw Cesaire and The Shiz brutalize one another while periodically removing Cobra from the equation. The Shiz delivered a Stage Dive on Cesaire while holding a steel chair, being seconds away from victory. Cobra broke up the pinfall by dragging The Shiz out of the ring and planting him with a Serpent Strike before covering Cesaire to retain.

Cesaire teamed with Greco in a Tag Team match against The Shiz and Deak Dagen. Cesaire's only participation in the match came when he tagged himself in to score the pinfall on Dagen, as the dominant Greco single-handidly fended off both competitors. Greco, visibly upset, destroyed Cesaire prior to tossing him out of the ring with a Greco Press before demanding a title match against Cobra, the man he dropped the championship to. The following week, Greco faced Dagen, Cesaire, and The Shiz in a 3-on-1 Handicap match, ultimately losing after a Flash Magic /Stage Dive combination. After the match, Greco was put through a table with a three-man aided powerbomb. At Natural Selection 2016, Cobra faced The Shiz, Dagen, and Cesaire in a Four Way Elimination match for the CFC Championship. The champion Cobra was eliminated first after tapping out to The Shiz's Hangman's Clutch. The Shiz was eliminated second after a low blow followed by a DND. Dagen quickly capitalized on the situation by connecting with both his Flash Magic and World Star Frog Splash to walk away as the new CFC Champion. In the main event, Cobra, Cesaire, Qwik$ylver, and Jex Blackwell were the final four remaining competitors left in the Natural Selection match. Cesaire eliminated Cobra at the same time Qwik$ylver eliminated Blackwell. Cesaire was moments away from eliminating Qwik$ylver with a Dominator over the top rope until The Shiz spared his former rival. Both men then delivered a double superkick, sending Cesaire over the top rope and cementing Qwik$ylver as the very first winner of the Natural Selection match.

After The Shiz was able to defeat Blackwell in a Singles match, Cesaire stormed the ring attempting to blindside his nemesis but was successfully fought off. Feeling embarrassed, Cesaire challenged The Shiz to a match later that night. The Shiz accepted and faced Cesaire in the main event, being able to survive Cesaire's dirty tactics and eventually defeated Cesaire by using the ropes for leverage. Qwik$ylver was set to challenge the champion, Deak Dagen, at Fight Night 80 but was savagely beaten backstage by an unknown attacker. Qwik$ylver was rushed to the hospital and a title eliminator was held in the main event as The Shiz faced Cesaire in a Last Man Standing match. In the final moments of the match, Cesaire would be able to outlast his former mentor by shoving him off of the ladder, forcing him to go through two stacked tables on the outside of the ring.

Deak Dagen & CFC Championship

With his rival, The Shiz, out of commission indefinitely, Cesaire wanted to make a statement by showing how dominant he can be following a grueling Last Man Standing match the previous week. Cesaire showed slight signs of lingering pain, but still easily ran through Lyle Ballard. The champion, Dagen, came out after the match to congratulate him on his victory over The Shiz, becoming the new number one contender in the process. Dagen also went on to accuse Cesaire of cheating his way to a title shot. Dagen told Cesaire that he has studied his opponent's tactics, knows he was behind Qwik$ylver's assault, and that he will not take the CFC Championship away from him because he doesn't deserve to compete for it in the first place. Cesaire responded by saying he is an unstoppable force that is going to surprise everyone by crushing the champion with ease. The following week, Dagen and Cesaire each signed a contract, officially cementing their championship match. An arrogant Cesaire snatched Dagen's title off of the table, claiming it as his own. Dagen was unable to keep his composure, firing off with a series of strikes, knocking him on his back in the process. Referees were able to intervene but Dagen broke free and charged at Cesaire, only to run right into a Thrust Spinebuster through the wooden table in the center of the ring. The referees escorted Cesaire to the back while EMTs checked on the champion's status.

Deak Dagen

Dagen celebrates after successfully defending the CFC Championship

At Fight Night 85, Cesaire finally challenged Dagen for the CFC Championship. Dagen was occasionally able to mount a small series of offensives but most of the match was controlled by the larger man. In the final moments of the bout, Cesaire went for the DND but Dagen was able to land on his feet, stumbling backwards into the corner. As Cesaire turned to get back to a vertical base, Dagen planted a Flash Magic right on the chin. A second Flash Magic was able to keep the challenger down for good, allowing Dagen to pin him for the three count. The following week, Cesaire opened the show by walking out to the ring and demanding a rematch against the champion. Dagen joined him in the ring and responded by challenging Cesaire for a rematch later that night, leaving him with a worried look. In the main event, Dagen and Cesaire fought in a very competitive match, with Dagen having prepared a counter for most of Cesaire's signature moves. Instead of going for the pinfall following a Flash Magic, Dagen took too long setting up for the World Star Frog Splash, allowing Cesaire to move out of the way at the last second. From there, Cesaire quickly latched in his Bear Trap submission. After struggling to escape for three minutes he eventually passed out from the pain, crowning Cesaire the victor as well as the new CFC Champion, much to the shock of the crowd in attendance.

Qwik$ylver II

Cesaire, quick to show off his new hardware, greeted the crowd at the very beginning of Fight Night. Before he could boast though, Dagen emerged from the back to demand his rematch, being the former champion. Cesaire initially declined the rematch, showing little interest in facing him again. Dagen convinced the champion to accept his challenge by saying he never tapped to Cesaire and he would never would be able to force him to submit. In the main event the two men had their rematch, which proved to be just as competitive as their previous bout. After Dagen managed to slip out of the Bear Trap multiple times, Cesaire eventually used his championship belt to clock Dagen in the face, disqualifying himself out of frustration. Cesaire then locked in the Bear Trap after the match, prompting Dagen's good friend and Cesaire's former rival, Adam Harris, to come to the rescue. Cesaire went to use the belt on Harris but Harris was able to stun him long enough to deliver the Crimson Tide. Unexpectedly, the Natural Selection 2016 winner, Qwik$ylver, charged down the ramp and cleared out everyone before holding the CFC Championship above his head.

Cesaire would team up with Qwik$ylver in a Tag Team match against Dagen and Harris. The match did not last very long as Qwik$ylver abandoned his tag team partner in order to sit with the commentators. Dagen pinned Cesaire after a World Star Frog Splash. After the match, Qwik$ylver planted him to the mat with the $ylver Lining to add insult to injury. On the next episode of Fight Night, it was announced that the four competitors would participate in an undisclosed match for the CFC Championship the following week. Later that night, Cesaire faced off against Qwik$ylver in a Singles match, which was won by Qwik$ylver after rolling his opponent up into a small package. After the match, it was announced that Cesaire would defend his championship against Dagen, Qwik$ylver, and Harris in CFC's first-ever X-Mas Xscape match. At X-Mas Xscape 2016, the four combatants faced off inside the punishing steel structure. Several attempts were made to eliminiate Cesaire early on but he was able to survive the onslaught. Cesaire was able to eliminate Dagen and Qwik$ylver but lost to Harris, who was the first to escape the cage, granting Harris his first CFC Championship.

Cesaire was teamed up with Dagen against Harris and Qwik$ylver in a Tag Team match, which was won by Harris after planting Dagen with a Crimson Tide . After the match, Dagen and Harris shook hands before Cesaire beat down both men. Cesaire attempted to walk away with the CFC Championship until Qwik$ylver caught him off guard with a $ylver Lining in the center of the ring. The following week, Cesaire faced off against Lloyd Cooper and Bryan Spencer in a Three Way match. Cesaire emerged victorious after delivering a Dominator with both opponents at the same time. Being the former champion, he invoked his rematch clause against Harris but came up short after receiving a Crimson Tide from the top rope. The following Fight Night featured a Four-Way match between Cesaire, Cobra, Dagen, and Greco to decide who will face the winner of the CFC Championship match between Harris and Qwik$ylver. Immediately after Cesaire planted Greco with an amazing thrust spinebuster, Cobra surprised him with the Snake Pit to earn his title opportunity. Later that night, Harris was almost finished by Qwik$ylver after a distraction by Cobra but while the referee was busy restraining the new number one contender, Cesaire planted Qwik$ylver with a thrust spinebuster before dragging Harris' arm over the challenger to retain.

The two finally decided to settle their differences in a Contract vs. Contract No Disqualifications match. Before their main event bout, Cesaire vowed to send Qwik$ylver packing without ever being able to taste CFC gold, just like he did his former mentor, The Shiz. Throughout the match, the two men would utilize all of the tricks they had up their sleeves, resulting in many near falls. However, Qwik$ylver was finally able to best his opponent after debuting the Qurb $tomp with a steel chair placed underneath his head. Qwik$ylver was moments away from ripping apart Cesaire's CFC contract as a bloodied Cesaire pleaded for him not to. Qwik$ylver chuckled at his opponent before leaving the ring with the contract in hand.


Qwik$ylver Quarterfinals

Qwik$ylver stares up the ramp at Cesaire after defeating Cyrus in the quarterfinals

After losing the Contract vs. Contract match to Qwik$ylver, Cesaire was not present for three consecutive Fight Nights, until finally making a surprising appearance during Qwik$ylver's Calamity's Crown quarterfinal match against Cyrus. Qwik$ylver would go on to defeat Cyrus cleanly before engaging in a heated stare down. Cesaire would not make another appearance until Calamity's Crown 2017 towards the end of the tournament finals match between Qwik$ylver and reigning champion, Adam Harris. Qwik$ylver accidentally nailed the referee with the CFC Championship belt then walked right into a Crimson Tide for what would have been the end of the match. Cesaire's music then filled the arena before he marched down to the ring. Cesaire glared in the direction of his nemesis, Qwik$ylver, prior to planting Harris with thrust spinebuster, leaving the crowd gasping. Cesaire rolled out of the ring allowing Qwik$ylver to deliver the Qurb $tomp to Harris onto the title belt, pinning him to become the sole survivor of the Calamity's Crown 2017 tournament as well as the new CFC Champion.

Enter the $aints of Liberty

During Qwik$ylver's royal championship celebration at Fight Night 102, he brought out Cesaire allowing his ally to address his actions. Cesaire explained that his contract could have been ripped up by Qwik$ylver but Qwik$ylver provided him with an offer he couldn't refuse: work for him and remain employed or be erased from CFC. It was the toughest decision he had to make and he was undecided until he interfered in the finals of the Calamity's Crown tournament. Harris interrupted the celebration and called out both men but Qwik$ylver refused to grant him an immediate rematch, claiming that he hadn't earned it yet. Dagen joined Harris and challenged Cesaire and Qwik$ylver to a Tag Team match, which was gladly accepted. In the main event, Dagen and Harris faced Qwik$ylver and Cesaire, defeating them cleanly after Dagen pinned Cesaire. On Fight Night 103, Harris recapped the Tag Team match from last week, justifying his championship rematch with that victory. Qwik$ylver confronted Harris backstage and explained that Dagen won the match instead of him, but if he wanted to prove himself, he could face Cesaire one-on-one. Later that night, Harris narrowly defeated Cesaire by count-out. After the match, Cesaire planted Harris with a thrust spinebuster prior to Qwik$ylver's Qurb $tomp onto a steel chair. Dagen stormed out and cleared the ring, sparing his friend from further punishment.

Harris was set to challenge Qwik$ylver for his CFC Championship but the events of the previous week still affected him. Dagen, looking out for the well-being of his friend, took his spot and faced the champion instead. During the match, there were many close falls but Qwik$ylver would retain by countering a diving crossbody into his $ylver Lining. After the match Cesaire attacked the weakened Dagen. Adam Harris, having seen enough, marched down to the ring but before he could retaliate, Qwik$ylver offered Harris his immediate rematch right then and there. The two men then faced each other in the second CFC Championship match of the night. towards the end of the short but eventful match, Harris was preparing for a Crimson Tide off of the top rope but Qwik$ylver was able to battle out of it and catch his opponent off-guard with an avalanche $ylver Lining for the win. In an effort the finally bury the hatchet, Qwik$ylver instructed Cesaire to position Harris in the corner where the champion, yet again, shocked the audience by delivering, what would later be known as the Cunt Punt, to the challenger. The show ended with paramedics rushing Harris to an ambulance on a gurney.

At Fight Night 105, Qwik$ylver attempted another royal championship celebration due to the first one being spoiled by Harris. However, this time the celebration was interrupted by an unlikely challenger, Darkside. Darkside expressed his distaste for both Qwik$ylver and Cesaire for their devious actions and argued that champion was unfit to represent CFC. Cesaire and Qwik$ylver belittled Darkside, trying to showcase their dominance over him before the champion challenged him to a non-title match. Qwik$ylver would go on to defeat Darkside cleanly. The following week, Darkside and Qwik$ylver faced each other again in another non-title match. Darkside nearly won the match after surprising the champion with his corkscrew scissors kick but Cesaire was able to distract the referee long enough for Qwik$ylver to roll up Darkside with a school boy, using the tights to secure the win. After the match, Qwik$ylver announced his participation in the upcoming CFC Tag Team Classic with Cesaire as his tag team partner, now referring to themselves as the $aints of Liberty. Should Qwik$ylver win the tournament, he would be the first wrestler to achieve every accomplishment that CFC had to offer. Before Qwik$ylver could finish his announcement, Darkside attacked both men from behind. It wasn't long until Darkside was overpowered though, with both men viciously beating him down in the center of the ring. Having had enough, Qwik$ylver ordered Cesaire to position Darkside in the corner in order to give him the same treatment as Harris. Suddenly, familiar music filled the arena as The Shiz made his long-awaited return, chasing $oL out of the ring.

CFC Tag Team Classic 2017 & The Flyboys

The Shiz began Fight Night by coming out to the ring and making his intentions known, he has his sights set the man that temporarily put him out of action, Joe Cesaire. Cesaire responded by appearing from the back and catching The Shiz up on recent events: his CFC Championship reign and his new found allegiance with Qwik$ylver. The Shiz challenged Cesaire to a match but Cesaire refused, stating that he already proved his dominance in their Last Man Standing match. $oL were not concerned with The Shiz as they were focused on the upcoming CFC Tag Team Classic. The Shiz was tasked with finding a suitable tag team partner if he were to participate and meet $oL in the tournament but, unfortunately, Darkside was not medically cleared to compete yet. The following week, $oL picked up a decisive victory by crushing Russell Taylor and Franklin Murdoch. At Fight Night 108, $oL faced Kenny and Jeff Coleman in a Tag Team match, which ended after Jeff tapped out to the Bear Trap. In the final CFC Tag Team Classic qualifying match of the night, Qwik$ylver and Cesaire defeated Alexander Riggs and Eddie Bloom when Bloom submitted to the Bear Trap. After the match, Qwik$ylver delivered a Qurb $tomp to Riggs, sending a message to the entire locker room. In their quartfinals match, $oL handily deafeated Tito and Lloyd where Cesaire debuted his new finishing manuever, Black Mass, on Lloyd. In the semifinals, $aints of Liberty faced the team of Jex Blackwell and Cyrus. Cyrus was almost able to connect with his C-Drive on the CFC Champion but Cesaire quickly intervened with the Black Mass, allowing Qwik$ylver to pick up the win and advance his team to the finals of the tournament. It was later announced that Darkside and The Shiz, now calling themselves The Flyboys, would be meeting $oL in the finals with their win over The Suffering. The two teams finally faced off and in the climax of the match, Cesaire was attempting an avalanche Dominator until The Shiz was able to intervene, both men planting Cesaire into the canvas with an unexpected Spanish Fly to claim the 2017 CFC Tag Team Classic.

On Fight Night 112, The Flyboys began the show by celebrating their victory over the $aints of Liberty. The Shiz went on to claim that he has now earned his right to face Cesaire in a rematch. $oL confronted The Flyboys in the ring to finally grant The Shiz his rematch with his old ally in the main event. The Shiz faced Cesaire in a Singles match with the CFC Champion at ringside. Just as The Shiz was about to put Cesaire away with his Ride the Lightning, Qwik$ylver interfered and shoved The Shiz off of the top rope, disqualifying his own teammate. Darkside stormed the ring and fought off both men, causing them to retreat. The following week, $oL defeated Jex Blackwell and Cyrus in a Tag Team match after Cesaire's Black Mass to Blackwell. At Fight Night 114, $oL faced The Flyboys for a second time in a high-intensity bout, as both sides pulled no punches. Not long after The Shiz delivered his Ride the Lightning to Cesaire through the announcer's table, Darkside was able to catch Qwik$ylver off-guard with a corkscrew moonsault body press for the win.

Settling the Score with The Shiz

With The Flyboys having defeated the $aints of Liberty twice and Darkside being the first person to pin Qwik$ylver since he became champion, Darkside was granted a title opportunity. The Shiz would finally look to bury the hatchet with Cesaire, facing him in a Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (IV) Tables match, prior to Qwik$ylver's championship bout. The Shiz was able to bloody his opponent fairly early into the match but every attempt to put Cesaire through a table was reversed with The Shiz being put through instead. Cesaire was eventually able to batter The Shiz to a bloody pulp before delivering a Dominator onto a table, however, the table did not break so the match continued. In the closing moments, Cesaire was preparing to deliver The Shiz's own Ride the Lightning to him while positioned on a table, but The Shiz sprang to life and hit a Facemelter on Cesaire, knocking him off the top rope and through two tables for the victory. The match put Cesaire out of competition for a few weeks, leaving the champion without his right-hand man.

Blue Thunder & Greco

On Fight Night 121, Cesaire made a surprise return decimating rookie Otis Morton. After the match, Cesaire announced that "the $aints of Liberty have their secret weapon back". Leading up to Ascendancy 2017, several members of the roster were featured in qualifying matches. Cesaire faced Cobra for an opportunity to contend for the CFC Championship. Before the match Qwik$ylver reminded Cesaire that he "knows what needs to be done". The two former champions faced off and in the end, Cesaire was able to fight out of the Cobra Constrictor before finishing with the Black Mass. The following week, leading up to the Six-Man Tag Team match, Cesaire and Blue Thunder had a physical altercation backstage; Cesaire not afraid to show his distrust for Blue Thunder. The Flyboys teamed with Greco to face Qwik$ylver, Cesaire, and Blue Thunder in the main event of Fight Night 124. Greco secured the victory for his team after hitting Blue Thunder with the Greco Press. Immediately after the match, Greco laid waste to his team mates with a double chokeslam, showcasing his dominance. At CFC Ascendancy 2017, Qwik$ylver put his title on the line against Darkside, Greco, Joe Cesaire, Eric Kaeding, and Blue Thunder in the Ascendancy match. The bout was predominantly controlled by Greco throughout, although, his large stature proved difficult for him when attempting to climb a ladder. In the closing minutes of the match, Greco was being double teamed by Qwik$ylver and Cesaire, as they all battled over the belt. Qwik$ylver was knocked off of the ladder by Greco but as Cesaire and Greco traded blows, Blue Thunder was able to hoist the champion on his shoulders, aiding him to the top of the ladder to retain his championship.

At the next Fight Night, Blue Thunder went out to the ring and addressed the end of the previous championship match, explaining that his actions proved he was worthy enough to be accepted into the $aints of Liberty. Qwik$ylver and Cesaire joined Blue Thunder in the ring to address his candidacy for $oL, but it wasn't long before The Flyboys interrupted. Qwik$ylver, growing tired of dealing with The Flyboys, ordered Cesaire and Blue Thunder to dispose of them permanently later that night. Cesaire and Blue Thunder faced The Flyboys in a Tag Team match, which ended in a no contest after an irate Greco flattened all the participants of the match. Blue Thunder and Cesaire once again faced The Flyboys in a rematch, this time in a steel cage where the only way to win is by having both team members escape. The first combatant to escape was Cesaire, beating out Darkside who was trying to climb over the top of the cage. Darkside feinted escape before changing his mind and landing a diving crossbody onto Blue Thunder from the top of the structure. The Flyboys then hit their Event Omega for good measure before escaping the cage to win the match.

At Fight Night 127, Greco went toe-to-toe against Cesaire, which Qwik$ylver at ringside. Cesaire was able to hold his own at the beginning of the match but quickly succumbed to the freakish strength of his opponent. Even with repeated distractions from the champion, Greco was able to defeat Cesaire with the Greco Grip as the referee deemed Cesaire unable to continue the match. Qwik$ylver attacked Greco from behind with a steel chair, which had little effect on Greco. Just as Greco cornered Qwik$ylver, the rest of $oL stormed the ring, trying to beat down the giant. Greco was able to to fend them off but this allowed the CFC Champion to retreat up the ramp. On the next show, Qwik$ylver attempted to "spare" Greco's career by asking him to pledge himself to the $aints of Liberty. Greco joined $oL in the ring and reiterated that he's coming for the championship, which prompted Qwik$ylver to spring the trap. All the members of $oL brawled with the big man, the numbers eventually getting the better of him. Qwik$ylver finished by delivering his Qurb $tomp to Greco on a steel chair, then revealed that he will put his title on the line against Greco in a Hardcore match. As $oL leave the ring, satisfied with their handiwork, the champion is appalled to see that Greco was able to stand back up, feeling little effects of the beating. At Natural Selection 2017 Qwik$ylver, along with Cesaire in his corner, faced Greco in a Hardcore match for the CFC Championship. Greco immediately took control of the beginning of the match, ragdolling the champion from post to post. Eventually, Cesaire directly involved himself in the match, attacking the challenger with a steel chair. Greco was able to catch Cesaire out of nowhere with the Greco Grip, with Qwik$ylver unable to break the hold himself. The champion motioned to the back, ordering $oL to join the fray and force Greco to release his grip. Greco finally fell victim to a Black Mass from Cesaire followed by the debut of the All $aints' Day onto the championship belt for the win.


$oL celebrated Qwik$ylver's huge victory over Greco, undoubtedly the toughest challenger to date. During the celebration Steve Morton, formerly Blue Thunder, met $oL in the ring to, yet again, ask to join the group. $oL laughed in Morton's face before proceeding to jump him right then and there. Morton was propped up in the corner but before Qwik$ylver could perform his Cunt Punt, the winner of this year's Natural Selection match and new number one contender, Killgör, cleared the ring. Later that night, Eddie Bloom and Alexander Riggs, with Cesaire in their corner, faced Killgör and Steve Morton in a Tag Team match. Killgör and Morton picked up the win after Killgör delivered the Vendetta to Bloom. Following the match, Morton offered a handshake, which was not accepted. On Fight Night 130, Cesaire faced Killgör one-on-one, which was spoiled by Morton, who cost Killgör the match by hitting Cesaire with a One and Only. After the match, Killgör leveled Morton with a running big boot, allowing the champion to sneak behind the number one contender and hit him with a $ylver Lining. In the main event of Fight Night 131, Killgör challenged Qwik$ylver for the CFC Championship in a No Holds Barred match. At one point, the other memebers of $oL flooded the ring to assist the defending champion but Killgör was able to fend them off quickly. Morton even interfered, hitting Killgör with a One and Only but not enough to keep him down for the three-count. Killgör was finally able to deliver three consecutive Vendettas to Morton, Cesaire, and Qwik$ylver before covering Qwik$ylver to win the CFC Championship and end the record-setting reign.


Killgör finally ends Qwik$ylver's title reign

Qwik$ylver immediately cashed in his rematch clause at the next event, this time without Cesaire in his corner due to a heated argument earlier in the night. Qwik$ylver was able to avoid most of Killgör's signature moves, evidently having done some extensive studying on the champion. Killgör was eventually able to counter the $ylver Lining into a Dragon Clutch but Cesaire emerged from backstage and broke up the submission, disqualifying Qwik$ylver. Killgör tried to fight off Cesaire but was too exhausted and fell to the Black Mass. Cesaire ended the night by challenging the champion to a title shot. At Fight Night 133, Killgör faced Cesaire, with Qwik$ylver in his corner. The match came to a close with Cesaire accidentally connecting with the Black Mass on Qwik$ylver, after the champion sidestepped it. Killgör then capitalized on the opportunity by rolling Cesaire into a schoolboy for the win. Shortly after the match, Greco made a surprise return after the attack from $oL. Greco backed Cesaire into the corner and was moments away from striking him before diverting his attention to Killgör. Killgör attempted to mount an offense that had little effect, falling victim to the Greco Press.

The next week, every member of $oL stood in the ring as Qwik$ylver addressed the crowd about the previous week's title match. Qwik$ylver revealed that he had finally "domesticated the monster", revealing Greco as the newest member of the $aints of Liberty. Qwik$ylver also stated that someone needed to pay the price for hitting him with the Black Mass, ultimately choosing Aiden Galloway to be fed to Greco as a result. Later that night, Cesaire defeated Cyrus while Greco destroyed Jex Blackwell. At Fight Night 135, Qwik$ylver was able to defeat Blackwell with the $ylver Lining, while Greco easily finished Cyrus. After Greco's match, the participants of the upcoming X-Mas Xscape match were revealed to be Killgör, Qwik$ylver, Cesaire, Greco, Jex Blackwell, and Cyrus for the CFC Championship. In the main event of Fight Night 136, $oL (Qwik$ylver, Greco, and Cesaire) faced Killgör, Cyrus, and Blackwell in a 6-Man Tag Team match. With Cyrus and Blackwell preoccupied on the outside of the ring, Killgör succumbed to Greco's Greco Grip, going limp after refusing to submit. The show ended with Greco laying waste to all three opponents, leaving $oL the last men standing. At the final event of the year, X-Mas Xscape 2017, Killgör put his CFC Championship on the line against five opponents. Cyrus was the first to be eliminated by Greco, then Cesaire by Killgör. Qwik$ylver eventually eliminated Blackwell, leaving Killgör to fend off two members of $oL. After enduring immense punishment, Killgör eliminated Qwik$ylver out of nowhere with a running big boot. With the final two competitors left in the match, Greco was able to flatten the champion over and over, but had trouble scaling the cage wall. Killgör would go on to retain the title after escaping the steel structure.

The following week, a visibly disappointed Qwik$ylver challenged the battered champion to a Singles match, since he did not lose clean the last time. Killgör struggled throughout the match with fresh injuries from the X-Mas Xscape match but still managed to survive a $ylver Lining by the challenger. Qwik$ylver attempted to lock in Killgör's own Dragon Clutch on him but was reversed on Qwik$ylver, who almost tapped until Greco interfered, disqualifying the self-proclaimed 'Disaster Artist'. Qwik$ylver closed the show by ordering Greco to bring the CFC Championship to him, which had not been officially earned. At Fight Night 138, Killgör was forced to put his championship on the line against Greco, in order to get back what was rightfully his. Greco imposed his will on the champion but in a moment of overconfidence, Killgör connected with a running big boot in the corner followed by the OTS for the win. This was a significant loss for $oL, leaving the entire team in shock. As the champion made his way up the ramp, Qwik$ylver challenged Killgör to one more match with him in a No Disqualification match. Killgör accepted the match but not before adding his own stipulation, banning Greco from ringside. The following week, before Qwik$ylver's title match, Cesaire reassured Qwik$ylver that he was going to help him bring the championship back to $oL. In the main event, Qwik$ylver challenged Killgör for the CFC Championship in a No Disqualification match. Predictably, the $aints of Liberty members interfered in the match, including Cesaire, but it was not enough to keep the champion down for long. Eventually, Greco attempted to approach the ring in direct defiance to the match rules, forcing Cesaire to divert his attention on keeping his teammate away. In the final moments, Qwik$ylver was setting up the Cunt Punt and ran right into a running big boot to put him down for the three count.

Friction Among the $aints of Liberty

$oL opened the show where it appeared that Qwik$ylver was about to punish Greco for attempting to interfere in the previous week's title match but, instead, the blame was put on Cesaire for breaking his promise of helping bring the championship back to the $aints of Liberty. Cesaire pleaded his case to Qwik$ylver until Greco attacked Cesaire from behind, relentlessly pummeling him in the center of the ring. Qwik$ylver did not make any attempt to stop the attack, allowing Greco to make an example out of him. At Fight Night 141, Cesaire lost to Killgör after tapping out to the Dragon Clutch. After the match, $oL confronted Cesaire in the ring, Qwik$ylver attempting to humiliate him further by having Cesaire kiss his boot. When Cesaire refused to comply, an immediate match was made, pitting Cesaire against Alexander Riggs. Riggs was able to impose his will on Cesaire, but eventually scored a victory using his Black Mass. The following week, Cesaire faced Cobra in a Singles match, dodging the Snake Pit right into a Black Mass. $oL stormed the ring after the bell, mugging their fellow $aint. Qwik$ylver ordered Riggs to prep Cesaire for the Cunt Punt but Riggs refused, resulting in Greco brutalizing both Riggs and Cesaire instead.

In a qualifying match for the upcoming Calamity's Crown tournament, was able to defeat Riggs and enter the tournament. After the match the two friends shook hands, showing no signs of bad blood. In the quarterfinal round, Cesaire faced off against Greco. Cesaire threw everything he had at his opponent, and appeared to have the match in the bag at one point, but ultimately succumbed to the Greco Press. Greco would go on to represent $oL as the sole member left in the tournament, after Qwik$ylver was eliminated by Killgör. At Fight 144 the semifinals took place, Greco facing the reigning CFC Champion, Darkside, in what was being billed as a modern day "David vs. Goliath". Darkside had already made a successful defense against Jex Blackwell to open the show, but had no other choice than to compete again in order to keep his championship hopes alive in the tournament. Qwik$ylver attempted to make an interference, which was thwarted by Cesaire, but was still not enough as Greco forced Darkside to submit, allowing him to advance in the tournament. At Calamity's Crown 2018, Cobra faced Greco in the finals of the tournament. As expected, this was mostly a one-sided match, with many believing that Cobra did not belong in the finals, much less, in the ring with Greco. Towards the end of the match Cesaire attempted to distract Greco and screw $oL out of the championship, but Qwik$ylver came down to defend his teammate. Alexander Riggs then came out of nowhere and hit Greco with a chair, while the referee was not looking. This allowed Cobra to connect with the Snake Pit onto the steel chair to claim his second CFC Championship.

Q$ and Riggs

Qwik$ylver confronts Xander Riggs as he is being treated by EMTs

At Fight Night 145, Cesaire and Riggs called out the $aints of Liberty who didn't hesitate to confront them in the ring. Cesaire attempted to persuade his former comrades to defect but Qwik$ylver cut him off, berating Cesaire before ordering Ethan Young, Rob Newman, and Wesley Brooks to have a match against the two enemies. In the 3-on-2 Handicap match, the numbers game provided a big advantage but in the end, Riggs finished Newman with his vertical suplex side slam. After the match, Lloyd and Tito attacked the two exhausted men with Young and Brooks joining in. Surprisingly, Newman turned on his $oL team members to defend Cesaire and Riggs. His effort was not enough though, eventually resulting in Newman getting put through the announcer's table. Riggs and Cesaire faced Qwik$ylver and Greco in a Tag Team match at Fight Night 146 after Cesaire and Riggs challenged the $oL leaders. With Greco occupied outside of the ring, Qwik$ylver fell to Riggs with a vertical suplex side slam. Riggs requested a one-on-one match with Qwik$ylver which was initially accepted but never actually took place as $oL attacked Riggs before he could make it to the ring. Cesaire would come to aid his friend, taking out several $oL members before Qwik$ylver handcuffed him to the ropes. At this point, all Cesaire could do was watch Qwik$ylver deliver the Cunt Punt to the already battered Riggs. The following week, with Zero as a surprise tag team partner, Cesaire faced $oL (Qwik$ylver and Greco), The Omega Cops, and Cobra with Eric Kaeding in a Four-Way Tag Team match. The match ended with Kaeding delivering the Ericution on Zero to pick up the win.


At Fight Night 149, Cesaire, Zero, and Riggs, now collectively known as Insurrection, faced Tito, Lloyd, and Wesley Brooks of $oL. After Cesaire neutralized Lloyd and Tito, Zero and Riggs delivered a vertical suplex side slam/high-angle senton bomb combination for the win. Opening Fight Night, $oL attempted to make an example out of Brooks but Insurrection came to his aid, effectively recruiting him to the group. Later that night, Insurrection (Cesaire, Riggs, and Zero) faced $oL's Eddie Bloom, along with Jeff and Kenny Coleman. Cesaire would go on to connect with a Black Mass to all three opponents simultaneously, allowing Zero to score the pinfall.

During Fight Night 151, Brooks was attacked backstage by the $aints of Liberty, being taken captive before the rest of Insurrection could assist in the fight. Insurrection entered the ring and challenged $oL to a final showdown that night. $oL emerged, along with Brooks, explaining that they had "unfinished business," which signaled Greco to deliver a Greco Press to Brooks off of the stage onto the electrical equipment. This triggered the rest of Insurrection who charged $oL, both sides brawling furiously on the ramp. $oL eventually fled to the back but Ethan Young was no so lucky, being unable to escape in time. Insurrection dragged Young back to the ring, performing each of their finishing maneuvers, until ultimately putting him through the announcer's table with a double front slam from Cesaire and Riggs in retaliation for Brooks. It was later shown backstage that Eddie Bloom, Kenny and Jeff Coleman had defected to Insurrection, having had enough of Qwik$ylver's actions. Both sides decided to end their feud once and for all in at Fight Night 152, as Insurrection (Cesaire, Riggs, Zero, Bloom, Jeff & Kenny Coleman) faced the $aints of Liberty (Qwik$ylver, Greco, Franklin Murdoch, Russell Taylor, Lloyd & Tito) in a 12-man Elimination Tag Team match. In the final moments of the match, with Qwik$ylver being the sole survivor for his team against Riggs and Cesaire, Riggs lifted his nemesis up in the air for his vertical suplex side slam but Cesaire took his legs out from under him. Riggs, not understanding what just happened, was eliminated after Cesaire delivered the Black Mass to him before pulling Qwik$ylver over his body for the three count. Qwik$ylver and Cesaire laugh maniacally as Qwik$ylver delivers the Fingerpoke of Doom on Cesaire, handing $oL the victory on a silver platter. The show closes with Cesaire and Qwik$ylver raising their arms up, having been reunited again.

Return to $aints of Liberty & CFC Tag Team Classic 2018

$oL opened the show bragging about their victory over Insurrection, replaying the highlight for the crowd. Cesaire grabbed the microphone to explain his motives but the audience would not let him speak, booing him out of the building. Cesaire didn't seem phased by this and $oL simply walked to the back, soaking in the crowd's reaction. At Fight Night 154, it was revealed that Greco and Cesaire would compete as a team in the recently announced CFC Tag Team Classic. The two men faced their fellow $oL teammates, Franklin Murdoch and Russell Taylor in a qualifying match. Greco would secure the victory after submitting Taylor with the Greco Grip. As the rest of the qualifying teams were being decided, Cesaire had some unfinished business with Insurrection, facing the new leader in Xander Riggs. The contest showcased a battle of strength, as the two men appeared to be evenly matched. Riggs went on to win by count out as Cesaire walked away from the match, not wanting anymore of his opponent. At Fight Night 156, being the only team left in the tournament representing $oL, Cesaire and Greco faced Jex Blackwell and impressive newcomer, Alexander 'The Great', in the quarterfinals. $oL advanced after Greco submitted Blackwell with the Greco Grip. In the semifinal round, $oL opened the show by facing veterans and former CFC Champions Deak Dagen and Adam Harris in a Tornado Tag Team match. Harris and Dagen came close to defeating Cesaire multiple times, but Cesaire as able to continuous get his shoulder up before the three-count. In the end, the $aints of Liberty won after Greco locked in the Greco Grip on the distracted Harris, who was moments away from delivering the Crimson Tide to Cesaire.

At Ascension 2018: San Diego, the $aints of Liberty faced the inaugural winners of the CFC Tag Team Classic, The Suffering, to crown this year's winners. Due to the evident size advantages, $oL took control for most of the match, stifling The Suffering's crafty teamwork on many occasions. The Suffering was able to capitalize on a big mistake by $oL, throwing Cesaire out of the ring and neutralizing Greco, utilizing their strength in numbers. Greco, however, was able to kick out of the Pain Killer, and eventually make the tag to Cesaire. In the final moments, Cesaire side-stepped a Pain Killer attempt and landed a Black Mass to both members of The Suffering. Cesaire then hoisted Tarasque into the Bear Trap and after Greco simultaneously locked in the Greco Grip, Tarasque immediately tapped out, awarding $oL the CFC Tag Team Classic 2018 trophy.

$oL made a brief appearance on Fight Night 158, watching from backstage and mocking the multiple tag teams fighting over the right to face them. At Fight Night 159 during Kaeding and Qwik$ylver's championship match, Greco and Joe Cesaire marched down to the ring shortly after the referee was knocked out, attempting to come to the aid of their leader. Insurrection was able to route them before making it to the ring, which opened up the opportunity for The Suffering to blindside Xander Riggs and Zero. It wasn't long until The Omega Cops entered the fray, attacking anything that moved. Kaeding capitalized on the distraction by connecting with the Ericution, covering Qwik$ylver for the easy pinfall. Dagen and Harris tried to control the riot but ended by getting leveled by The Suffering. The following week, Cesaire faced Harris in a Singles match, defeating him with a Black Mass. Cesaire attacked Harris after the match but Riggs charged towards the ring, chasing off his sworn enemy. Cesaire faced the leader of Insurrection at Fight Night 161 in a very physical match up. Riggs was able to survive all of Cesaire's signature moves thrown at him before eventually finishing Cesaire with the vertical suplex side slam.

The Suffering teamed with $oL (Cesaire and Qwik$ylver) to face Insurrection (Zero and Eddie Bloom) and TOC in an Eight-Man Tag Team match. The uneasy alliances on both sides eventually led to another all-out brawl and a no contest. Once again, Dagen and Harris came out to keep the peace, but they soon found themselves as the primary targets of the strikes. Having had enough, Harris and Dagen defended themselves by clearing the ring, showing their resilience as a team. After being absent for a week $oL appeared at Fight Night 164, interfering in the Insurrection vs. The Suffering match, laying waste to both teams. $oL stated to the audience that it didn't matter which team faced them, because $oL would still prevail. Watching the Four-Way Elimination Tag Team match from the locker room, the $aints of Liberty studied each team carefully. After Insurrection triumphed as the victors, Greco and Cesaire could not hide the concerned looks on their faces.

The two teams confronted each other in the ring at Fight Night 166, expressing their dislike towards each other. Qwik$ylver was able to provoke Eddie Bloom enough to get him to attack, forcing Xander Riggs to restrain his teammate. It was later reported that, due to Bloom's actions, he would be barred from ringside during next week's match. Scheduled as the main event, Insurrection (Zero and Riggs) challenged the $aints of Liberty (Cesaire and Greco). Even with repeated interferences from Qwik$ylver, the match continued to be closely contested. Not long after Riggs delivered the vertical suplex side slam to Cesaire onto the ring apron out of desperation, Greco secured the victory by rolling Cesaire's carcass under the bottom rope and back into the ring, winning by count out. After the match, Qwik$ylver attempted to add insult to injury with a steel chair, but Bloom made the save, deterring the attack and chasing of $oL with their own weapon. At Natural Selection 2018, Insurrection challenged $oL for a rematch, this time being a 6-Man Tag Team No Holds Barred match. $oL was getting outclassed for most of the match, until Riggs was knocked off of the top of a ladder, going through the announcer's table. This allowed $oL to use their strength in numbers, ultimately, leading to Zero and Bloom each receiving the All $aints' Day followed by a double pinfall.


At Fight Night 168, not being to accept Alexander as this year's Natural Selection winner, Cesaire challenged him for the number one contendership for the CFC belt. As Cesaire was looking to end the match with his Black Mass, Alexander countered with the Spear, pinning him for the three-count. Cesaire would go on to face newcomer, John Walter, in a one-sided match, defeating him with the Bear Trap. After the match, he called out Alexander, vowing to "derail the hype train." The following week the CFC Champion, Eric Kaeding, approached $oL about working together against Alexander. After they were promised future title shots against him, Cesaire and Greco agreed to work with him. In the main event, Greco faced Alexander one-on-one. At a critical moment in the match, Alexander dodged a Black Mass from Cesaire, causing Cesaire to crash into the ring post at full speed. Alexander would go on to escape Greco's Greco Press and pin him following a Spear. Cesaire attempted to attack Alexander after the match, but was still feeling the effects of the ring post, resulting in a Spear as well. Kaeding would get the last laugh, however, as he connected with two back-to-back Ericutions, putting down the number one contender.

At Fight Night 172, Alexander's celebration didn't last long as $oL stormed the ring and mauled the new champion. Qwik$ylver gave the order and the three men delivered their All $aints' Day to Alexander, leaving him battered next to his belt. $oL opened the next show with their own celebration, mocking the newly crowned champion and announcing his plans to "liberate CFC from the undeserving champion." While Alexander was not in the building, former champion, Eric Kaeding, appeared at the top of the ramp, challenging him for the title opportunity. Qwik$ylver faced Kaeding for the number one contendership in the main event, but was interrupted by Kroq, who attacked both men. Kroq was also able to fend of Lloyd and Tito before The Shiz made his unexpected return. The show ended with The Shiz delivering a Facemelter to Kroq, knocking the brute out cold.

It was announced at Fight Night 174 that Alexander opted to face both Qwik$ylver and Kaeding in a Three-Way for the CFC Championship. Kaeding came close to reclaiming to belt, but ultimately fell victim to Alexander's Spear. After the match, $oL attempted an All $aints' Day on Kaeding, but Tito and Lloyd turned on their teammates, chasing $oL off with chairs and saving Kaeding in the process. The following week, $oL announced that Tito and Lloyd's betrayal will be the biggest mistake of their careers. On Fight Night 176, Greco and Cesaire faced Tito and Lloyd in a Tag Team match. Eric Kaeding's late distraction, allowed Lloyd to roll Greco up for the three count. Later in the night, Qwik$ylver faced Kaeding in a qualifying match for the upcoming X-Mas Xscape match. Kaeding pinned Qwik$ylver clean after the Super E-Break. During The Shiz's Highlight of the Night, $oL appeared at the top of the ramp with Qwik$ylver expressing his disinterest in the interview, ending with his prediction of becoming champion again. This pipe dream was not taken seriously by either man until Qwik$ylver convinced Alexander to face him one-on-one in a non-title match. If Qwiksylver won, he would earn a spot in the X-Mas Xscape match. With Greco and Cesaire in Qwik$ylver's corner, while Kaeding, Lloyd, and Tito were in Alexander's corner, the champion had the clear advantage going into the match. Qwiksylver attempted many immoral tactics throughout, but Alexander's strength and awareness allowed him to maintain control. In the closing moments, Qwiksylver was going to capitalize on the brawl at ringside by delivering his $ylver Lining to the unsuspecting champion, Kaeding and Alexander both rushed Qwik$ylver at the same time, resulting in Kaeding connecting with his Ericution on the champion after Qwik$ylver dove out of harm's way. Qwik$ylver low blowed Kaeding before throwing him out of the ring and pinning Alexander in a huge upset.

In the final show of the year, X-Mas Xscape 2018: Atlanta, Qwik$ylver participated in the X-Mas Xscape match, along with The Shiz, Kaeding, Kroq, and defending champion, Alexander. Kaeding was the first to be eliminated with Kroq interrupting The Shiz's Scorpion Deathlock on Kaeding, before locking in his own Death Roll submission. The Shiz eliminated Kroq by reversing Kroq's Death Roll into the Hangman's Clutch. The Shiz was eliminated next, attempting to punish Qwik$ylver with a Facemelter while Alexander also had the $oL leader in his sights. Qwik$ylver one again dove out of harm's way, causing the on-coming Alexander to Spear The Shiz instead, leading to a 3-count. Qwik$ylver nearly pulled off the unthinkable by delivering The Shiz's own Facemelter to the unsuspecting champion before climbing out of the cage, but Alexander was able to recover in time and pull the challenger back into the cage. Alexander eventually retained by escaping the cage just before Qwik$ylver.

On January 4 during Kaeding's match with Kroq, Greco and Cesaire viciously attacked Lloyd and Tito with steel chairs at ringside, ending the match in a no contest due to the interruption. The following Fight Night, Cesaire and Greco faced Lloyd and Tito in a rematch. This outcome proved to be a lot different than before so $oL completely dominated their opponents, showcasing why they won last year's Tag Team Classic. $oL won the match by way of a Liberation on Tito. Cesaire faced Alexander in a non-title match and after his $oL teammates were sent to the back by the referee, Alexander finished Cesaire by slipping out of the Bear Trap into a Spear. Qwik$ylver received his title opportunity on 1/25 in a Singles match. The craft leader of $oL did his homework, being able to avoid two Spears during the match but the champion would soon retake control of the bout each time. Having had enough of $oL's cheating, Kaeding, Tito, and Lloyd attacked Greco and Cesaire in the challenger's corner, catching them completely off-guard. The mugging led up the ramp and to the back, while the match itself continued. Alexander was able to retain by countering Qwik$ylver's Cunt Punt with a Spear.

Unfinished Business

Personal life

As a child and a teenager, Cesaire was very active and a capable sportsman, being a keen participant in and follower of soccer, basketball, and football, sports that he still follows today. On several occasions, he has mentioned FC Barcelona as his favorite sports team.

He is an avid fan of video games, with his favorite genres being fighting games and Metroidvania. He has a tattoo of the Crimson Omen, an emblem consisting of a red skull surrounded by a cog from the Gears of War series, on his left forearm.

Cesaire is also a comic book fan, having read Marvel Comics since he was a child, and his favorite character is The Hulk.

In wrestling

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Cesaire Obsidian

Cesaire goes for Obsidian on his opponent

Signature maneuvers

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Championships and accomplishments

Calamity Fight Club

  • CFC Tag Team Classic 2018 with Greco
  • CFC Tag Team Classic 2017 Runner-up with Qwik$ylver
  • CFC Champion (1 time)
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