East Atlantic Wrestling
Acronym EAW
Industry Professional eWrestling
Mainstream Independent
Headquarters Flag of the United States Binghampton, New York
Theme music "Fight Till I Fall" by Digital Summer
Brands Vindication!
Show(s) Thursday Night Vindication!
CEO Jared Francis Kennedy
Established January 2013
Episodes 0 on Vindication!

0 Pay-Per-Views
Founder(s) Jared Francis Kennedy
Key people Jared Francis Kennedy (Chairman, C.E.O, President)
Felicity Banks (GM of Vindication!)
Chase Prince (Director of Evolve Class)
Bryce Dawson (Director of Pride Class)
Owner Jared Francis Kennedy
President Jared Francis Kennedy
Booker(s) Jared Francis Kennedy, Chase Prince, Bryce Dawson
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East Atlantic Wrestling (EAW) is an independent American professional wrestling promotion, founded in late 2012 by Jared Francis Kennedy, and officially opened in January 2013.

EAW has one show, Vindication! every Thursday night at 9 PM EST. There are two ways you can watch Vindication!. You can watch either on its website, or on your local television station. Search the site for details.


East Atlantic Wrestling is a company founded, and funded, by billionaire Jared Francis Keys, also known as the modern day J.F.K. Those who work for him consider him a visionary, and a man up to date with today's pop culture. With the recent passing of his Grandfather, Gerald Keys, founder of Keys Enterprises, Jared found himself as the successor of his grandfathers wealth, and not afraid to drop any dollar figure to see his passion grow into success.

J.F.K grew up a huge wrestling fan, but due to an unreported health issue, he could never pursue a career in wrestling. But now, with his newly found wealth the second best possible option arose. This... The start of East Atlantic Wrestling.

Based out of the East coast, mainly visiting New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, East Atlantic Wrestling is a brand new company, with already some of the most promising young talent in the whole entire World! With not even word written in its book, East Atlantic Wrestling looks forward to writing it's first chapter in wrestling history, and eventually expanding into a titan in the wrestling world.


  • Homecoming [Flagship]
  • Bloody Valentine
  • Natural Selection [Major]
  • No End In Sight
  • Lethal Lottery
  • Total Knockout
  • Ground Zero [Major]
  • Blood In The Sand
  • Capital War
  • Dealing With Devils
  • Chasing The Case [Major]
  • Unforgiven Sins

Championships of Eastern Atlantic Wrestling


Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s)
EAW Undisputed Championship Vacant TBA TBA TBA
EAW Evolve Championship Vacant TBA TBA TBA
EAW Pride Championship Vacant TBA TBA TBA
EAW Tag Team Championship Vacant TBA TBA TBA

Active Wrestlers

  • Arashi
  • Gambino
  • Jericho Hill
  • Karrueche Umeko
  • Kevin Shields
  • Lance Cole
  • Lance Williams
  • Michael Harris
  • Pauly Meloni
  • Timothy Hunt

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